Easy ideas to learn spoken English

Posted: Juni 16, 2009 in ArtiKel Ba9us, En9LisH, jadi inspirasi, News, SeLf DeveLoPmEnt
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  • Learning to speak English is not a difficult task. If you have the will to learn and spare time, you can start learning even from now.
  • Think in English.
  • Start using simple vocabulary.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.
  • Speak aloud. The more you speak English aloud, the faster you will learn to speak it fluently.
  • Also practice by talking to yourself (self talk).
  • You can learn grammar also while practicing spoken English.
  • Read aloud using full voice volume while reading English newspapers.
  • Read different variety of articles like jokes, poetry, stories, etc.
  • Read with an intention to completely understand the meaning and concept.
  • Learn new words every day.
  • Read news articles on the internet.
  • Also make use of some English teaching web sites.
  • Watch English films and listen English conversations.

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  1. Abdul Cholik berkata:

    -I’d like to add one more tip : try to sing English songs such as Mother How Are You Today;I have a dream,etc

    -Very usefull tips.

    -Good luck.

    -Best regards

  2. Rahmat Kedai berkata:

    I just try to speak well, not others ^^b


  3. keybajj berkata:

    i have finished to read the tips above.
    but if i didnt have time to conduct of the some of tips there,
    so what happen brother????
    i want to add only one case is about the time we must try to conduct the tips above in few time and even more time.

  4. audio book berkata:

    I just try to speak english on sky….

    I just listen english auido books..

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