**A new beginning**

Posted: November 21, 2008 in JuSt sHaRin9, SeLf DeveLoPmEnt
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Today, on Thursday Nop 20th ’08…. I have a new “LiFe”. Wish The Almighty God, Alloh SWT always give me “keberkahan” in my daily life forever. I love U, Alloh. I love U my prophet Rasululloh SAW. I love U all my family.

I wanna change my self, my paradigm, my thinking, my negative sides and so on which make me unhappy in my life. I really wanna be the genuine n the real akhwat. I know I’m only human. I have made a lot of mistakes making me regret with my self. Bcoz of that i wanna pay all of my faults with my self becoming a right person who always stand in a right way, the Alloh’s way.

Hopefully this day as a momentum for me to improve my self better. To be closer with Alloh……


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