Posted: Agustus 18, 2008 in JuSt sHaRin9

23:50. still in front of the PC. go around unreal word. find something, everything i want. getting bored? No!!!

mmh…… if Islam doesn’t have many life rules especially bout girl&boy relationship, I hv perhaps made special relationship with a special man. At the beginning, I doubt bout it. but now, i can feel why God ask us to prevent ourselves from that. There is no “Pacaran” in my life. I’m sure it will be nice, happy, n so much fun, if we do that special relationship after got married. And of course it has an “Ibadah” value and “halal”.

But sometimes I feel lonely. I need someone to share. Sharing bout anything. and for me, men can be more good listener than women, right? I feel the differences if i’m beside man or woman. I dont know why. Even, if we dont have a lot of love from our family,,,really its hard to live alone here in the world.

mmmhh…..I hv to go to bed. it is midnight. 0:11 am


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